Solution “Conveyor Customization flexibility “

Our customers challenge

“We continued to get short notice customization requests for our new conveyor line. Sunhill proposed a solution that saved lead time, money and gave us the flexibility we needed without any additional capital costs.”

How we supported our customer

The customers baseline assemblies were sourced from Sunhill’s lowest cost facility, but price included the economies of scale for a single length. As the customers business grew, the customer needed multiple length options.

Sunhill determined the optimal length to maintain the economies of scale and then determined the efficient way to create part length flexibility near the customer to provide for the quick customized drop-in requests they were getting frequently.  This same concept has spread to several products solutions for this customer and helped both companies win more business.

Sunhill looked at the customers baseline assembly configuration and determined a way to create flexibility with existing components and maintain the supply chain speed without additional complexity or cost. This process has now been repeated across several product lines with this customer.

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